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Writing content is an art.

During my years of writing and editing content, I've learned that there are two key elements that make these texts truly great. Authenticity ensures that any blog, newsletter, or social post stays true to the identity and voice of my client. A forward vision means the text always has one eye on growth and expansion. 

I've amassed a lot of experience writing for different platforms and audiences. Whether it's SEO-optimized blogs for local companies, newsletters and essays for national brands, or onsite content for international corporations, I've had the honor of crafting a lot of words for a lot of folks.

I'm curious, capable, and love learning about new things and stretching my boundaries. I also bring with me a significant amount of administrative and directorial experience, as well as years of working as a transcriber and translator. All of these positions have required a great deal of attention to detail, style and grammar. Moreover, I'm able to work quickly without compromising my attention to detail or the quality of my work.

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