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I love words.

I'm a journalist, essayist, content writer, and part-time Cantor, originally from Israel and currently living in Brooklyn with my wife and kids. I write about anything that I find interesting (which is a lot) for publications like Real Simple, Parents, and Lilith Magazine (among others). My work tends to be about queer folks, parenting, injustice, and in-between spaces in society. But I also review indie music and opera, so it's kind of a mixed bag. 

I also send a weekly newsletter where I write about spirituality, parenting, and the chaos of being an ADHD-er in a neurotypical world.

All my work, whether text or music, is deeply influenced by my experiences coming of age as a religious queer person in Jerusalem of the early aughts. I'm fascinated by people and stories, both the ones we create and the ones created for us. 

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